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Sunheart Silk Velvet Ruana Jacket burnout Beaded Holiday Small-8x

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Size Guide

burnout beaded Tassel Ruana Jacket

Dress like a Diva!

Adding new show-stoppers to our Evening wear collection. These are exquisite Goddess garments, so if your swooning, grab it now. See how the ruana flows on our model,and drapes beautifully.

These are very expensive to manufacture using the highest quality burn-out silk velvets. The velvet burnout process, or "Dévoré" (to devour), is achieved by applying an acid to a natural, protein fiber (silk) and natural non-protein fiber (rayon). The acid "burns out" the non-protein fiber leaving only the sheer woven silk thereby creating elaborately intricate designs. The technique was popularized in the 1920s - typically used on evening gowns and shawls. Then this remarkably beautiful fabric is hand beaded to further embellish the magical qualities.

Design details: open ruana velvet jacket trimmed in beaded tassels.

SunHeart Beaded Silk Velvet Ruana Jacket


• Wingspan 84"
• Bust - Hips 84"
• Length 39"- 49"

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