Tienda ho Monsoon Short-Sleeve Top Moroccan Cotton Boho Hippie Chic Sml-2x

Size Guide
Size Guide


• Bust 50-52"
• Hips 56"
• Length sides 24" point 32"

Bestselling famous Monsoon hem top! We wear this all summer and winter long as you can see the design is generous. For winter we wear turtlenecks underneath, or a urban hip jacket over. Bestselling Lagenlook tunic top. Let's take a look at the measurements goddess gals; bust will fit many sized gals, but we have inches more at hipline, this is called a "flared hem" (not a "box-cut" that goes straight down the sides/hips) this means more curvy gals can wear them. We're not talking just "hip" room gals, but tummy room!

Design Details: V-neck, short-sleeve  with monsoon point hem front & back- the perfect top for Lagenlook...(layered look)

Because of it's popularity the Monsoon comes in TANK, SHORT-SLEEVE and LONG-SLEEVE versions.

Size Chart