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Tienda ho 11 Square Neck Tunic Top Moroccan Cotton Boho Hippie Chic Sml-3X+

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Size Guide

Tienda ho 11 Square Neck Tunic Top

Gals love this design; a trapunto stitched square-neck is very flattering cut and shows off a little clavicle action. Generous design with all the couture touches you have come to expect from Moroccan Cotton sousdie.

Now, listen goddess gals, this is a "box-cut" design. That means it's straight down from bust to hips. So if your curvy at hip-line or carry a tummy, this might be snug on you. But if your straight down from waist to thigh and you leave "wiggle room" about 2-3 inches more than you need, you will simply love this tunic.

Design Details; Square neck fully trapunto top stitched, dolman sleeves (larger bust), the sleeves have a panel of fabric inset. 

Tienda ho Nile Tunic Top

MOROCCAN Cotton Sousdi Collection

• Bust 60"
• Hips 53"
• Length 32"

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