Tienda Ho Jodi 2-Pocket Tunic Top Cold Shoulder Resort Boho Sml-1x

Size Guide

60% COTTON 40% RAYON MOROCCAN Cotton Sousdi Collection

• Bust 48-50"
• Hips 48" with side slits
• Length 27"

The Jodi is extremely well made & durable as the front panels are stitched double layers of fabric for the pockets. Gals are always surprised at such a sturdy, well-constructed garment that is so fun, ethnic & flirtatious. It will last for years.  This tunic is the ethnic classic for flirty fun because of it's open shoulder with a wide strap to hide ze brasserie, with a lovely soft drape 3/4 sleeve.

Design details: Has two top stitched panels bisecting the front which elongates the upper body- so we appear taller & slender! Has flat side pockets like the vintage sweat shirt you wore as a kid, so you can tuck in your hands or hide that secret phone number! 

Size Chart