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Dairi Fashions Farida Cascade Fringe Ruana Moroccan Cotton Sml-9x

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Moroccan Cotton Shawl Ruana

Every woman from time immemorial, has worn ruana shawls. They have been worn over the shoulder, crossed across the bust and tied in back, worn over the head to add mystery. You name it, we have done it with this piece of woven fabric. We have updated our classic ruana with a frontipiece cascade drape. A cascade ripple front shawl Ruana. This is the elegant accessory for a very sophisticated look. Consider the design and construction, see how it drapes down the front creating long ripples of fabric. Looks like a poncho- with lots of style.

Design details: wingspan open poncho with attached front cascading panel of fabric with five rows of hand-knotted twisted & tied fringe.

Farida Cascade Fringe Ruana
MOROCCAN Cotton Sousdi
Fabric: 65% cotton 35 % rayon


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