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Nobi 2-Pocket Plus-size Tunic from Esalen to Martha's Vineyard

OOAK= One-of-a-Kind!

The Nobi is our best selling tunic- bar none! It's a versatile over-size tunic- made with attention to detail and it's got that Lagenlook ju-ju everyone is crazy for! Because of the 70"+ bust- the sides will hang down over hips creating an asymmetrical hemline. Model demonstrates the Nobi extended - we all love these. Nobi looks great with other Moroccan Cotton pieces, and of course with Leggings; get in the Nobi groove Goddess gals!

Gals who have acquired their first Nobi tunic send me emails RaVinG about the sensuous hand-woven fabric, the brilliant design and of course, how comfortable it is. I grew up on the beach in thongs and zip up sweatshirts. I loved those sweatshirts. The Nobi has the same nostalgic feeling, but upgraded to Urban couture and stunning fabric-color selections. You can wear these on Martha's vineyard or Esalen! As stated, we love the Nobi's.

Color and Finishing: The Nobi tunic can come in a range of colors, from natural and earthy tones to vibrant and bold hues. The finishing touches, such as hems and seams, are typically carefully executed to ensure durability and a polished appearance.

Versatility: Due to its unique texture and versatile design, the Nobi tunic can be worn casually or dressed up for more formal occasions. It's an excellent choice for those who appreciate artisanal craftsmanship and distinctive textiles.

Overall, the Nobi tunic hand woven with bouclé yarn and the technique of leaving one loop up in the weave creates a visually captivating and texturally rich garment that celebrates the artistry of hand weaving.

Design Details: cowl-neck in two layers, long sleeve, two pocket tunic. The voluminous tunic is generously cut with yards of cashmere soft moroccan cotton susti, bisected with two large pockets, and eight inch side slits!

Nobi 2-Pocket plus Tunic


Fabric: 65% cotton 35% rayon

• Bust 74"
• Sleeve Width 30"
• Hips 74"
• Length 36-40" drop side hem

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