Dairi Fashions Skort Manta Ray Pants Sml-2x Custom Dye

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Mantra-Ray skort Pants

Another knock-out new style pant using the oh-so-hip asymetrical hemline. Using asymetrical hemlines in tops, jackets, skirts or pants creates a flowing drape and undulating lines that captures the eye and adds mystery. Mystery is lacking in most clothing today don't you think?

Okay let's go over some of the design detailing- each leg of the pant has no outside side seam- it's woven of one piece with seam on inner leg. Beautiful chevron stitched pockets on each hip. Exquisite construction!

Design details: our famous triple stitched elastic waistband -to resist rolling, chevron stitched pockets, and generous cut of fabric to drape each leg. Each leg are cut on an upward swoop with ties at ankles. Each panel of leg is open up to apprx. 30-34" down from waistband on outside of legs. You can see how pants drape from the photos above- along with how they move on our model.

Manta-Ray Skort Pants
MOROCCAN Cotton Sousdi
65% cotton 35 % rayon

• Waist relaxed 28" stretched 40-44"
• Hips 50"
• Length 34" - 39-40"

Size Guide

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