Dairi Fashions Trouser Pant Moroccan Cotton Sml-1x

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classic sophisticated Trouser Pants

These are perfect pants for gals who want no frills just a pair of perfect pants please! Hand-woven and dyed in Morocco, a luxurious susti (susdi) cotton-rayon blend that we call the cashmere of cottons. One size fits most and they are exquisitely made, durable and fashionable.

This is a "slender" cut" it doesn't have a wide-leg cut. So if you are straight down from waist to toe the trouser leg will suit you. But, if you have "pones" - those fatty rounds at hips- and your an 1x or 2x, this style will be snug. Please measure your waist, hips, upper thigh and compare with listing.

Design details: triple stitched elastic waistband- to resist rolling, flat pockets, room at waist and hips to fit small-plus but with a more slender leg. These look great w/boots or with oversize tunics for gals who carry weight on top, a slender leg minimizes the silhouette.

Dairi Trouser Pants
• 65% COTTON 35% RAYON

• Waist relaxed 24" stretched 48"
• Hips 56"
• Upper Thigh 30"
• Length 42"

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