Dairi Fashions Wide-Leg Pants Moroccan Cotton Sml-3x

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Dairi classic Moroccan Cotton Wide Leg Pant

These are everyone's favorite and a best-seller, cut wider in the leg for a European look. Many pants are advertised as "wide-leg" but they are really straight leg pants. They are cut wide from the hip to the toes. If you carry belly or pones (pones are the fleshly buldge on upper thighs) then a wide-leg pants will slip over hip-line and will not call attention to buldge, as it dissapears in the drape! Also, if you tend to carry weight in your upper legs, then a wide-cut does not bind or cling.

Design Details: Pants have triple stitched waist band to resist rolling, inset loop pockets (no hip bulge!) and designed to fit most Feminine Figures from Small-3x+!


Dairi Wide Leg Pants
MOROCCAN Cotton Sousdi
Fabric: 65% cotton 35 % rayon

•Waist 26" stretched 46"
• Hips 56"
• Length 37"

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