Dairi Radha Fringe Gusset Moroccan Cotton Tunic Sml-2x Plus

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Dairi Radha Fringe Gusset Moroccan Cotton Tunic

For gals who want the look of urban chic here's another favorites the Radha side gusset fringe hem tunic. If your looking for that special top that no-one else has look no further this is it! The cut of this tunic is cleverly designed as it fits slender to plus gals, check your measurements to be sure! What's so great is the short-sleeves with fringe do Not get in the way of your hands, as the fringe comes down 3/4 the arm. Groovy cool for all you artist types.

One size garments like this, which are hand-woven organic cotton sousdi (susti, susti) drape like a jersey knit, SO FLattering to the female form. Wear it loose or cinch it up you will look like a hip urban gal. Try some rich fabrics or bright crystal dyes to match your moods-think out of the box & get creative gal.

Design Details: Scoop or V-Neckline (check drop down menu), with side extension gussets that extend out to 9" slits on the side. Room to Move Dance & Groove! Fringing is twisted & hand knotted adding 5" to length as well as along arms.

Radha fringe gusset tunic

Fabric: 65% cotton 35% rayon

• Bust 56"
• Hips 80"
• Length 30-35"

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