Folk Art Madonna Blessed Mother Flat Back Carved Sculpture 12"

Size Guide
Size Guide
Blessed Mother Praying Woman Flatback with hanging hook on back
12" tall and 4.5" base.

This is perfect for home or office altars of peace and compassion. Brings a meditative mood and reminds us of our inner work to be done.

In the tradition of the larger three dimensional Santos, often seen in churches and missions, the smaller style of Santos has existed as a religious art form since the Spanish New World 16th century.

Hand carved by native artists of medium hardwoods; acacia, manga, the flatback represents the folk art version or halfcarving, hence the name flatback.
Hand carved by native artists of medium hardwoods (acacia, manga), the "flatback" represents the folk art version.

Surface is quite smooth even with the distressed painting characteristic of folk artInitials carved into the back - presumably of the person who carved it.

Blessed Mother Mary
Praying Woman Santos
12" height x 4.5" base

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