BACK IN-STOCK Sunheart Artist Ruana Duster Jacket Ribbon Boho Sophisticated Casual Lifestyle

Size Guide

SunHeart Ruana Jacket
Rayon Ribbon Weave dry clean

• Bust 100"
• Length 34" + 42"

Well Sunheart is back in the design room, and these are our new duster Ruana's long elegant, boho beauties. We have a brand new line of ruanas, dusters, coats and shawls all lined up for this glorious season. Wrap yourself up in hand-made artisan wear, designed by Kristena exclusively for sunheart goddess gals. 

Beautiful woven fabric in ribbon multicolors creating textural stripes in an unstructured flowing style. 

Design details: ruana duster jacket stitching on the outside and raw edges. 

Size Guide

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