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Sunheart Black Velvet Coat Batwing Glamor Holiday Sml-8x

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Black Velvet Duster Coat

SunHeart Velvet cowl Opera Coat
...1920's Victorian-Flapper Batwing Coat

Adding new show-stoppers to our Evening wear collection. These are exquisite Goddess garments-so if your swooning, grab it now. Couture style considering the layering and piecing of the coat.

Design details: open coat with long drape of a velvet gold striped collar dropping to hemline. Long-sleeve batwing (dolman) coat with shirt-tail side slits at 27" draping down to front and back points 48"- like a tuxedo coat.
SunHeart Velvet Coat

 VELVET • Dry Clean

• Bust 80"
• Hips 80"
• Length sides 27- points 48"

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