Tienda ho Austria Poncho Top Moroccan Cotton Resort Wear Sml-8x Plus

Size Guide
Size Guide
MOROCCAN Cotton Sousdi Collection  60% COTTON 40% RAYON - it breathes!


• Wingspan 47" - 94" total around 
• Sleeve width 22"
• Length 30"-33"

Austria Mirage Poncho Tunic Top. Tienda ho aficionados love this generous design that is so flattering to all figures. Because hand-woven Moroccan Cotton sousdie is like jersey knit (remember those fabulous 1940's dresses?) it drapes like a dream. So wear it loose like the model or belted for a more ethnic look. Soft, luxurious and a goodly weight- that's why we call it the Cashmere of cotton!

Design details: constructed like traditional ponchos - the hem and sleeves are double folded fabric with our traditional trapunto top stitching to add weight for hemline and texture.

And, need I talk about how soothing and comfortable this is? I have gals all over the world that are coping w/various disabilities and they love these easy to move non-constricting garments. We are all sisters in all shapes and sizes. We all need a few pieces of clothing that we feel and look good in that we can just let it all hang out.

Move to the groove Sister!.

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