Tienda ho Boho Fannon Jacket Nothing-Matches Sml-3X

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Tienda ho Nothing-Matches Fannon Jacket

The Fannon is a long time bestseller; a go-over-anything jacket and a lovely design for a cover-up the hips or bottom. All our styles have excellent construction, fine-finishing and are extremely wearable- read durability. When you slip into the el-Fannon it creates longer lines of your silhouette making you appear taller and slimmer.

The Fannon is worn open over your boho outfit. Classic lines and urban hip fabrics create a new youthful feeling in our Nothing-Matches beautiful fabrics.

Design Details: open short sleeve long vest or jacket. Box cut with edging trapunto top stitched for added texture and weight and long 15" side slits. The side slits show off your pants or skirt, while covering up bottom and hips, and let's face it we all have el-Fannon days don't we?
Tienda ho Fannon Jacket

100% RAYON hand-wash or dry-clean

• Bust 56"
• Hips 56"
• Length 39"-43"

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