Tienda ho Boho Hi-Low Lagenlook Tunic Top Sml-2x

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Urban- Hippie Chic Groove Queen- Nothing Matches Bohemian lagenlook tunic

These are goddess gal favorites! Take a look at this lovely feminine tunic, all are One-of-a-Kind!. It's a long sleeve lagenlook tunic. Two different Nothing-Matches fabrics embellished with signature embroidery.

These are one-of-a-kind pieces and remarkably beautiful on the feminine figure. You don't have to do much more- add some pants or a flowing skirt. So great to see how these move on the model. The three buttons open up so you will be wanting to wear a cotton spandex tee underneath, unless your feeling sexy!

Design details; Scoop neckline with three button front, then it splits open to a pointed v-hem line swooping up at sides, long sleeves in boho Nothing Matches fabrics. The back has an 11" slit at back hem to echo the front slit hem action.

Tienda Ho: Lagenlook hi-low Tunic

100% RAYON


• Bust 48" 
• Hips 60+"
• Length side 23" - 45"

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