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Tienda ho San Remo Fushia Scarf Jacket Sml-6X Plus Low Immersion Dye!

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Tienda Ho San Remo Jacket

This is a couture European Lagenlook dream design. It has trapunto top stitching on sleeves and frontipiece. So what is this design? It's a jacket with long scarf panels. You can swing the scarf panels up over the neckline or let them hang down, or tie them up front. It's flowing, feminine and divinely mod-ern.

Moroccan Cotton will last a life-time if properly taken care of. This is an investment in a couture garment that will set you apart from the crowd. And it feels so soft & sumptuous that you will be replacing your wardrobe with Moroccan Cotton goddess garments.

Design Details: Scoop neck-line, with long sleeves, and panels over the frontipiece. The sleeves are pointed and have double-layered fabric deftly trapunto top-stitched. (see photo below). Four button front, fully trapunto top-stiched frontipieced. This is a bolero or shortened hem (front & back), and then the long panels or scarfs drape. .

Tienda Ho: San Remo Jacket

MOROCCAN Cotton Sousdi Collection
60% COTTON 40% RAYON - it breathes! 

• Bust 76" - Hips 76"
• Sleeve Width 36 "
• Length front 20" - back 25"
• Scarf panel length 47"

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