Avalon Goddess Boho Duster Coats

When a woman slips into the Sunheart Avalon full-length duster coat, something magical happens. It's not just about the rareness of A. having a full length coat, but also a B. one-of-a-kind batik coats made by artisans in far off lands! and each one is so beautiful beautiful & boho for our gypsy gals across America!

When you slip into our Avalon Dusters, it's about stepping into a world of possibilities. The moment you slip into an Avalon Duster, there's an undeniable transformation.

This duster coat isn't just another piece of clothing; it's an emblem of empowerment. It emboldens you, whispering tales of grand adventures in your ear. It's like her passport to an enchanting realm, where she can be the heroine of her own story. The sweeping length of the coat adds an air of mystery and intrigue, making every step feel like a stride into the unknown.

Something magical does happen when you put on a full length coat!  we get a subtle boost in our self-esteem. There's a regal confidence and we stand a little taller, knowing we are ready to take on the world, no matter what challenges lie ahead. 

And let's not forget how it transforms us.  The Avalon duster coat is a style statement in itself. With its elegant design and timeless appeal, it effortlessly elevates your outfit. 

In a Sunheart Avalon duster coat, we become the heroine of our own journey. It's not just about the coat; it's about the confidence, adventure, and allure it brings with it.

Your not just wearing a coat –your are wearing a little piece of empowerment. And that, my friends, is the Avalon magic! 

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