Mosaic High-Low Tunic

What is the Secret of the hi-low Mosaic Tunic?

The Mosaic hi-low tunic is a bestseller because it comes in glorious colors to boost your spirits but it all started a few years ago by piecing fabrics together- it now comes in one pattern but you can still nab some originals nothing matches pieces - which is why we called it the "Mosaic" tunic.

The measurements;

•Bust 76

•Hip 76"

•Length 30"-41

are generous and designed hide all the chocolate bars on our lovely female form because the Mosaic tunic literally floats around us. 

Color-wise they have come a long way baby! Always a show-stopper, they have iterated into glorious colors that support joy, encouragement and can't help but Lift your Spirits!

Hey! There are countless studies that color supports positive moods and can bring a sense of peace, joy, courage or calm. 

If you feel under the weather in a No-Can-Do slump, take a look at your wardrobe and take a "picture" an emotional "picture of your color palette."  as it hangs on the closet rods....

Are the colors dull, dark, slumpy? (in an emotional context) then it's time to CHANGE your wardrobe - bring in sunny yellows, encouraging oranges, firery reds, colors that LiFT your spirit and make you happy.

I am an artist, painter, life-long creative and the easiest way to shift my mood is to bring color in! When you feel good in your clothing, especially if it's something special that others may notbe wearing...then you feel ... well, Special -this gives us a boost of self-esteem we are kinder, bolder, and this activates our "Will" to action. Turn a no-can-do attitude into a Go-Getter by choosing a different color for your outfit today! 

cheers kristena!