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Sunheart Malibu Batik Fringe Ruana Jacket Boho Hippie Chic Hand-Made Artisan

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Sunheart Malibu Fringe Batik Ruana Jacket

We are so excited to offer our goddess gals these hand-made - limited stock!- batik fringed ruanas we call Malibu, cuz it's the Look don't you know! These are Stunningly beautiful and will make you look and feel special and a knock out. There is a matching smaller scarf that can be worn as a summer top, wrapped around the next. We recommend getting both. Limited stock for some rare goddess gals. 

Design Details: fringed batik scarf made from heavy weight rayon & spandex. The Malibu weighs 2lbs.


Sunheart Malibu Fringe Batik Ruana Jacket 


• Wingspan 88"

• Length 48"


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