Sunheart Silk Floral Gypsy Tunic Boho Evening Goddess Sml-2x

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Sunheart Silk Gypsy Tunic 

GYPSY for the gal who wants something extra, unusual and exotic. Wear as a long tunic with harem pants or dress with sandals in summer & boots in winter. This will get softer and softer with every washing, until it becomes one of the most comfortable tunics or dress you will every wear.

Design Details: Scoop neck, short sleeves, bisection swoops under arms connecting into a deep inverted triangle with gussets on sides, creating cascading drape for that ethnic groove Gypsy look. Sturdy construction with re-enforced seams throughout.

Gyspy Tunic



• Bust 52"
• Upper Arm 20"
• Hips 100"
• Length 37"-50"

Size Guide

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