Losing Weight New Clothes - New Life - New Choices

August 04, 2020

Losing Weight New Clothes - New Life - New Choices

Well friends, I did a girl thing. For the first time in Years! I bought clothing -more than one piece. Since losing 50 lbs I have to have clothes that fit and I feel good in, and don't have my "old story" attached to them. Like cutting my hair, getting rid of personal history: New Clothes, New Life, New Choices.

After the 10 years of menopausal weight, I took control of my diet and portions. There was no pool open so I had to depend on Youtube workouts, and I did loose over 50lbs. Of course my clothing is very loose and other than my yoga pants which I took in on the sewing machine, my pants kept slipping off. So talking to my neighbors, I would be clutching my waistband to keep my pants up, and I realized... me-the clothing person-needed new clothes. 

So went shopping to see what my new body looks like? It was very interesting to watch myself reach for the 2x and my girlfriend say, "Kristena-try a Large or Medium!" Surprising how most all the clothing is geared toward Small's in Santa Barbara! 

Now our pool has opened up and I am wearing my newly designed rash guards!! Woot! I love them! Comfortable has two-way stretch and UV protection. Here's .... I think my first Selfie... This is actually my swimsuit and my "real-life" clothes are in my Frida Kahlo tote bag

Whatever size you are celebrate being alive today!

Be Kind & Get Out in Nature!



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