Tienda ho Moroccan Cotton Collection


the original BOHO INFLUENCER!

From the very beginning, Tienda Ho recognized the importance of catering to a diverse range of body sizes. Their "one-size-fits-small-to-plus-size" approach has been revolutionary in promoting body positivity and inclusivity, making boho fashion accessible and appealing to a wide array of individuals. By embracing the diversity of body shapes, Tienda Ho broke away from the industry's traditional norms and redefined fashion as something that celebrates individuality.

This Moroccan Cotton Collection offers a rich tapestry of styles that cater to various tastes within the boho spectrum. On one hand, it embraces classic elegance with timeless designs and high-quality cotton materials, providing pieces that can seamlessly blend into any wardrobe, regardless of the era.

These classic looks are both sophisticated and timeless, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions. But knowing the free spirited woman living through theh 1960's we offer more eclectic and jazzy boho elements. It boldly explores the free-spirited, hippie chic style, allowing individuals to express their creativity and uniqueness through their fashion choices.

Our fabulous vibrant colors in free-flowing silhouettes, Tienda Ho encourages self-expression and individuality.  By using natural, breathable cotton fabrics and focusing on long-lasting, versatile designs, they contribute to a more eco-friendly and conscious approach to fashion.

Tienda Ho's Moroccan Cotton Collection has been a trailblazer and influencer in boho fashion since the 1970s. By offering "one-size-fits-small-to-plus-size" options, it has redefined the inclusivity of the boho style, promoting body positivity and self-expression. This collection seamlessly combines classic elegance with jazzy boho hippie chic styles, giving individuals the freedom to choose their unique fashion path. Many movie stars wear this beautiful Moroccan collection, because they are extremely well made with french seams and are durable, as stated many times we have collectors who have owned pieces 35-45 years!

Hey Goddess Gals-celebrate your body in all shapes & sizes & ages!

Women Owned small business over 20 years in USA! Ships from California.