Moroccan Cotton Magic Dress 15 Ways to Wear It!

June 04, 2023

Moroccan Cotton Magic Dress 15 Ways to Wear It!

This is the Masterpiece of couture design-a cut-on-the-bias (what we did before spandex!) sleeveless Magic Moroccan Cotton Susti Dress. **A bias-cut dress will give more stretch and goes back to it's original form because of the tensile memory of the fabric.Design Details: , v-neck, sleeveless dress, deep side pockets, button loop on shoulders, slit top layer with hidden button and two layers of fabric

One-Size Magic dress will fit Small-Medium-Large-xl-1x-2x 

MAGIC dress comes in two styles; two layer and two layer with fringe. Try the tank dress in two layers or long-sleeve two layers. Below we show many Magic dresses sold over the years. 

Made with yards of woven Moroccan Cotton fabric that will last 20-40 years (not kidding!)  



Size Chart