PLus Size Fashion for Full Figure Goddess Gals - checking in after 15 years in the fashion biz

November 16, 2019

PLus Size Fashion for Full Figure Goddess Gals - checking in after 15 years in the fashion biz

You know in America we are saturated with the media Photoshopping women so no one has wrinkles, every piece of clothing doesn't wrinkle either, it's all smooth smooth and smoother. But that is not reality when you face yourself in the mirror every morning, and open the closet, sighing, "What am I going to wear today?" which translated can mean, "What do I have that I will feel good in to hide my belly-hips-buttocks today?"

Like most women I have gained and lost those same 20lbs when I was younger, and after menopause the number climbed even higher. One of the reasons I started SunHeart Clothing was to offer beautiful clothing for women who, like me, has a number of size ranges in their closets.
So for me, I love, simply love a fabric that has a lovely drape. I don't like anything starchy or tight. So much of the younger plus size clothing is yerch! polyester in "Show the BooBs" styles. I'm over that too.

For me cotton knit is my at home, work all day fabric. I live in sunny southern california where rarely do you have to put on a sweater. So I like wide-leg yoga pants, cotton knit spaghetti strap tees that I can put on a Cut Loose shirt when I swing out to the farmer's market or race to the post office before closing- getting all your goodies to you in time. Sophisticated casual is my lifestyle clothing. 

Now when I go out with my friends, I love wearing my Kleen pants (still have some in-stock) because they are really well made with beautiful drapy fabric. They are Palazzo pants, which are fuller at the bottom and can look like a skirt. I pair that with a hi-low linen button shirt from Mosaic linen collection and wear a Kleen tunic underneath. 

There is so much on site from one collection that goes with another. For instance if I lived in a colder climate I would wear the Kleen Sweaters with that perfect box cut rolled hem for fuller figures with Kleen Palazzo pants in the no-color they are famous for, they go with everything. 

This cotton knit dress (below) for some reason didn't sell like hotcakes, but I LOVE it! Made especially for plus gals, can slip a sweater over for winter and sandals for summer. Or of course, you can sleep in it too. Perfect for lounging.

55% Off for a great price of $49.50

Wear the Fashion Style, Color and Drape you Feel Good in!

Kristena West

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