Sunday Time for Swimming, Walking, Lounging & Reading

October 14, 2018

Sunday Time for Swimming, Walking, Lounging & Reading

Sunday Lazy Days What are You Doing?

"The question took him by surprise. For a moment his face was trying on attitudes. It settled on a kind of false boredom behind which his intelligence sat and watched me."

Lew Archer : Black Money by Ross MacDonald

Kenneth Millar, under the pen name of Ross Macdonald, arguably forms the third point of what is now considered the Holy Trinity of hardboiled detective fiction, the other points being, of course, Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, and is, to many, the most critically and academically respected of the three....They lived in Santa Barbara for the rest of their lives. At this point, Millar had gone full circle, returning to his birthplace, with a family once more
After an hour swim, I took the day off work and sat outside in the beautiful Santa Barbara weather reading a Lew Archer novel. What am I wearing? I am wearing one of sunheart's lovely lightweight summer dresses in my lounge chair. We still have warm weather here. What are you enjoying this lovely day? 


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photo: A.Spratt

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