March 15, 2020


Hello SunHeart Members of the Tribe!

I want to assure all of you that we have been in the same place for ten years, and have enough stock to last for months ahead. For new stock, we know our providers personally for over 10 years. Everyone is staying safe and in California we take precautions seriously. Now to be safe as your Sunheart package has gone through the hands of the postal folks, simply sanitize your hands and the top of the box pull it open and throw it away. Inside the box is me packing everything currently.

I Hope you continue to support Sunheart through the next months as we enter our 16th successful year offering beautiful clothing to all sizes of women. 

Now that being said, I want to mention a personal note. Perhaps none of you know that I have been in the field of art & healing my entire life. I have studied many traditions, religions and with indigenous shamans. When Art & Healing mentorships first tried to break into the arena of "hospitals" doctors protested vigorously against it. They did not believe "positive thinking" or "creativity" or "deep story" or "music" or "laughter" could make any difference for healing. 

However! It does not only work, it can cure, and has done in thousands if not millions of cases. So shamans with their "crazy" ways of herbal medicines and healing practices have made a strong comeback as well as homeopathy and creative arts practice in most hospitals across US. What you may not know, is that artist's were the prod, prompt and first intrepid knockers at the door of those august institutions of healing. 

When I was at Berkeley in 2000-2002 at JFK University in the MA program of Transformative Arts & Consciousness we had one of these artists come & give a talk. She was (funnily enough) a children's clothing designer, and after 9 years she needed to something else, so she did the Transformative Arts program. It took her 2 years to get accepted for 2 days a week FREE working artistically with the kids at Children's Hospital,  Oakland a few hours each day.  

Now she worked Tuesday & Thursday and the doctors started to notice that on Tuesday's and Thursdays the children were Less Scared of the procedures, Did Not cry as much, and were in Better Moods. This they noted in the daily rosters. However, as the weeks went by the doctors did not know WHY the children were "better" on these days. It took a nurse to mention to the doctors that THOSE are the Days the Artist comes and works with the Children for some hours. You can imagine the struggle - which did take time- as the doctors were not going to believe that artsy stuff. But this gal was almost single handedly responsible for the now many artist in resident programs at all Children's Hospitals. 

I was so moved by her story, that I curated the Dolls for Peace project. Here is an image of my year long Generosity Dolls for Peace community arts project after 911. I worked with Children's Hospital to make dolls for the children the entire year doing community arts, so everyone came in to make dolls!

Now this brings us to the super hype going on. Yes, we have to face this future of a virus. But even the top doctors in charge of C-virus are saying CALM DOWN, Life Life, Laugh, take all precautions necessary but do not get mob mentality. This is where daily meditation practice kicks in with inner strength.  

And where we can practice loving kindness, unplug from the hype and counter the fear based upsurges with positive thinking, good organic cooking and creativity! Lots of herbal teas! Because our good mental health makes a stronger physical body. 

Some reference books off my bulging shelves if anyone is interested: 
Larry Dossey M.D. any of his books I just finished One Mind
Healing Dreams by Marc Ian Barasch  -one of my personal favorites out of hundreds 
Art as Medicine Shaun McNiff 
Creative Healing: how to heal yourself by tapping into your hidden creativity  Michael Samuels M.D.  

All that being said, I have trust there will be toilet paper and organic rice the next time I need it. We are all in this together!

Your fashion consultant and artist friend

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