What's a Gandourah AnyWay?

January 21, 2023

What's a Gandourah AnyWay?


A fabulous piece of clothing!! It can be worn as a long coat with a cape - see photo or pull the "cape" to the front and it's a tunic AND Coat in One! 

and dare I say, AS RARE AS HEN'S TEETH! so nab one or two if instock!

a Gandourah a Tunic and Duster Coat in one GANDOURAH: Our Best Selling ancient design of a tunic & duster in one. This design has been around for hundreds of years in Morocco, it is a tunic and coat or a long coat coat with shawl collar.

Wear it loose, belt the top in front and run belt behind back (so belt shows only in front but not in the back) for a great pulled together look.

Design details: long sleeves, scoop head opening, front panel, deep side pockets (always a sign of couture clothing), and a drape that defines your glorious Feminine Shapeliness!

It can be transformed into many different styles; when you slip it on tuck your arms into the sleeves. A fabric panel hangs in front as a tunic top. Tuck the ends in a belt or the back of your pants, and it looks like you are wearing a coat & matching top. OR keep the fabric panel in the back falling over your shoulders and it's a beautiful duster coat. See model photos.

Dairi Fashions Gandourah Top & Coat Moroccan Cotton 65% Cotton 45% Rayon


• Bust 60-70+" • Length Front 33-38" - back 50" • Hem Circle Width 115"



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