Mardi Gras Crochet Men

February 12, 2016

Okay, I have to blog about these guys! I am so delighted by this photo. It looks like Mardi Gras in N'Awlins dawlin. (New Orleans for neophytes) as you can see the balconies in the window reflections. LOOK at these sexy guys, in their crochet costumes, they are not only beautiful, but the costumes are so filled with fun, color, outrageous designs and some smokin hot sex appeal, without showing anything! that I have to talk about it. It's my kinda-energy.

12019847_10153707576874783_4469393266364935164_n1. Lets take the Coral-Mocha-Corn King on the left; he knows his worth and stands his ground. OHMygod. It's hard to write this as I am laughing so much. We have a five piece ensemble with duster sweater coat, midi cowl top, with matching smalls, and an over the shoulder bag to carry necessities. And of course the Corn King Crown! whoppeee! Can we say Dingle Balls Rock? 2. Now lets move to our wee green man, oh sweet! It's a tank onsie with matching hat & shoulder bag. Or is it a kangaroo pouch? Fuzzy blue with a touch of whimsy. But oh! look at those strong sexy legs in nubby lime, deep prussian blue and viridian green.  With the not-to-be-forgotten matching arm band. mmmmm. 3. Now one of my favorites- the smookin oh-so-cool mocha-lavender boatneck onsie, a short-sleeve step-in created in a zig-zag crochet weave. Slim, elegant and with that boho flair. The blooming flower cross motif on the chest is a wonder-filled addition is perfect. Very sophisticated casual style, so Sunheart! Notice the matching tattos. The pièce de résistance is the tie-back calf leggings. 4. The cream, white lime ensemble takes the proverbial cake, doesnt it? Just look at him glowing in a one-piece, flapper inspired crochet feathered, dingle-ball extravaganza! It's got a peek-a-boo stitch that allows cool breeze through as well as sneaky peeks from admirers. Do do this justice I would have croceted a straight up box hat with feathers flying. Men. Don't cha just love em?

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