We're adding lots of New Collections!

January 21, 2017

Well, it's a new year and many of us are ready for a change, we are committed to kindness, health, and deeds of good will. Also, we are wanting to get rid of clothing that is no longer appropriate to our emerging selves. Sunheart knows that feeling and is meeting the need to change it up. We are letting go of lines that are over-due for a shift, and bringing on board urban sophisticated clothing thats time is now! vol_mosaic Shop our new linen line that is made for you- fits small, medium, large & xl. If you need a larger size remember Sunheart's linen line that is more generously designed for curvier gals. New clothing is an easy way to "re-cloth" your soul shift. Let's go forward goddess gals united with our sisters toward change for the good.  

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