4 Chaat Kimono Sleeve Jacket Plus Moroccan Cotton Plus Sml-7X

Size Guide

• Bust 70+" open
• Sleeve Width 36 "
• Hips 80"
Length 42"

The CHAAT is the Grand Dame of Kimono Jackets, it's Regal, Royal & Radically Beautiful. It fits slender to Bodacious Zaftig figures and drapes so beautifully that it transforms into classic high fashion. You can dress this down by wearing casual clothes, but the Chaat will sweep you into creative dreams of greatness!

We all need something in our closet that transforms us into global Goddesses. Moroccan Cotton will last a life-time if properly taken care of. This is an investment in a couture garment that will set you apart from the crowd. And it feels so soft & sumptuous that you will be replacing your wardrobe with Moroccan Cotton goddess garments.

Moroccan cotton will last 25-40+ years or more if taken care of properly. A steamer will keep Moroccan cotton in excellent like-new condition, otherwise we recommend dry-cleaning.

Design Details: generous design with open large kimono sleeves and long coat. 

Size Guide

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