“Clothes aren't going to change the world. The women who wear them will.” Anne Klein

Tienda ho Moroccan Cotton Fringe Scarves 48" x 48"

Size Guide
Size Guide

the perfect Goddess gypsy boho hippie-chic accessory! hand-knotted fringe Moroccan Cotton 4' x 4' stripe scarf

As you know goddess gals, Stripes are Fashion Forward and have that "WoW!" factor we all yearn to possess. Nab a beautiful hand-woven gray-white striped scarf- entire hems are finished with five rows of hand-knotted fringing.

Scarves complete our urban ethnic groove queen outfits- tie it, wrap it, fold it, twist it and wear it as belt, scarf, or head wrap. The ultimate accessory.

Solid Colors or Stripes 4' x4' fringe Scarf

Fabric: 60% cotton 40% rayon

SCARF: 48" X 48"

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