Authentic Moroccan Leather Belts Coyote Wicca Ceremonial Ritual

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Authentic Moroccan Leather Belt

COYOTE TRICKSTOR BELT; Yip! Yip! our perfect belt for women's ritual, wicca and Goddess circles, Shamanic power animals adding a touch of cross cultural magic ju-ju to your outfits. Belt buckle could be a coyote, could be an ibis, could be white calf buffalo woman.

Dance up some ju-ju, cross some magical boundaries, and trick fate into giving some goodies! Comes in lucky natural or black leather! Belt it tight to show off your curvaceous self or belt it low in a triangular shape to elongate your top, thin the waist. All belts are designed, cut, dyed and hand-worked in Morocco made of the 100% tanned leather, Moroccan craftsman are known throughout the world for their phenomenal leather work!

Moroccan belts are all the Rage now, but they are the ultimate time-tested high fashion apparel. Hand-worked 100% genuine Moroccan leather and metal pounded, braided, etched and embellished. When you wear a belt it accentuates, or draws attention to OR away from areas.

Fits up to a 40" waist.

Authentic Moroccan Leather Belt


Measurements: buckle 5"
BELT 4 " w x 40"

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