Heyoka Mosaic hi-low Tunic Top Boho Hippie Chic Resort Wear Sml-10X

Size Guide

 Mosaic Hi-Low plus tunic tops are back! Oversize stitching on the outside, very fashion forward a lagenlook favorite! Very generous design - flowing and fabulous.

•Bust 76

•Hip 76"

•Length 30"-41

Wear this over your harem pants or leggings. Beautiful saturated colors with stitching on outside using both sides of fabric for contrast.

Design Details: pieced fabrics, in an over-size high in front lower in back tunic. We haven't done a model shoot yet, so look at our model wearing another Mosaic tunic  to see how it looks on a female figure.

It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling GOOD. When you put on this tunic, you're not just getting dressed; you're making a declaration of self-love and body positivity. It's a reminder that fashion is for EVERY body, and you deserve to shine and feel fabulous, no matter your size.

So, why would a plus-sized gal want to wear this floaty, beautiful top? Because it's a celebration of confidence, style, and individuality. It's a fashion statement that says, "I am here, I am fabulous, and I am unapologetically ME!" So go ahead, strut your stuff in the Hi Low Plus Tunic and let the world see the radiant, unstoppable force of nature that you are! You deserve it, babe!



Size Guide

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