5 Dairi Fashions Paunchu Ruana Jacket Moroccan Cotton Combo Sml-9x

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65% COTTON 35% RAYON - it breathes!  MOROCCAN Cotton Sousdi Collection

• Wingspan 48" total 96"
• Bust-Hips open 96"
• Length 29"

One of our best-sellers & we highly recommend them! My favorite wrap; they are so comfortable and elegant and can be worn over anything! When you need a cover-up or want a little extra warmth- the paunchu or ponchos have been used over centuries in almost every culture. These are classically made but with a little stitch 14" down the side to close the armhole somewhat so it won't fall off when someone sweeps you off your feet!

Each individual, no two alike; they all have the same fabrics, but not in the same places. It's an art, right? Hand-Woven Moroccan Cotton sousdi goddess fabulous PAUNCHU (kashmir-name for poncho). This has famous nubby double-weave boucle, mudcloth, black & regular Moroccan Cotton combination poncho-all edges finished with one inch banding, giving strength and a good weight for hem. 

Size Guide

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