Dairi Fashions Striped Plus Cold Shoulder Farfala Peek Dress Sml-6X

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Farfala Peek-a-Boo Plus-Size Dress
MOROCCAN Cotton Sousdi Fabric: 65% cotton 35% rayon

• Bust 70 "
• Arm width 23 "
• Length 55"
• Hips 84 "

*This dress is cut-on-the-bias (what we did before spandex!), a bias-cut dress will give more stretch and goes back to it's original form because of the tensile memory of the fabric. 

For lots of SunHeart Goddess gals, this is their favorite all around dress. a cold-shoulder design that will turn heads when you walk in the room. The design is slenderizing, with some sensual attraction for shoulders peek-a-boo! and side pockets. Can be worn floaty & free or belted. This is a perfect wear any wear dress- it looks great on smaller gals as our models shows, but it fits curvy plus size godddess gals too.

Design details; scoop neckline with strap showing off peek-a-boo shoulders and drop raglan sleeves, and generous yards of hand-woven Moroccan cotton with pockets. 

Size Guide

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