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Seven Days to Start Your Sacred Art Practice


I get asked all the time How do I engage with my creativity, art-making, crafting, in a sacred manner? So I created this ebook as a seven day outline of what I have developed over 45 years... I got my MA in cross-cultural sacred iconography, having studied with shamans for most of my life including religions, and the western mystery traditions. I am a life-long teacher, artist, dream teacher and have taught shamanic techniques to my groups since the 90's.

Don't let this short intro fool you, these are the foundational practices I have developed over a life time. These are the practices for slowing down, de-stressing, getting into a more open state of consciousness to begin a new pathway. Many of my Paintings included. 

If you study the practice and amplify it in your daily life, it will bring untold gifts regarding creativity, connection with nature and start a conversation with the world, that will deepen over time, gradually as you begin to walk the Beauty Way.




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