Kashmir hand-embroidered wool Jacket Sml-1X

Size Guide
100% WOOL• Dry Clean 


• Bust 44+"

• Upper Arm Width 18" 

• Hips 46" 

• Length 28 "

Kashmir Jacket . This is completely hand-made from the mountains of Kashmir. My friend Mir's family has made these garments for hundreds of years using ancient methods of couture design & finish. This is a one-of-a-kind Kashmiri wool hand embroidered by his family for your personal Goddess Jacket.

These elegant jackets and coats are made from 100% merino wool, then embroidered using the traditional ari double-chain stitch. They are comfortable to wear and the colors are vibrant. They add a unique flair to your Moroccan wardrobe, and trust me, you'll turn heads where ever you wander!

Size Guide

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