Rare as Hen's Teeth! Tienda ho Uber Top or Dress Plus Over-Size Boho Sml-8x

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A Tienda ho boho classic - still going thru the warehouse and discovered this lovely dark cocoa Uber Tunic- Generous design with inset pleat swing out fabric dress or long tunic. Hand-woven our Moroccan Cotton Sousdie is soft as cashmere and drapes like Jersey knit. It doesn't cling to the body but drapes on our female form like a dream.

In the realm of bohemian fashion, the Tienda ho Morrocan cotton Uber long tunic or dress embodies the essence of free-spirited elegance. 

The flowing silhouette generously drapes the body, allowing for unrestricted movement and a relaxed fit that complements various body shapes.

As you must know by now-Moroccan cotton can last 45 years

Design Details: it fits small to bodacious babes up to a 60+" bust! It has a v-neck, raglan sleeves and deep front pleat giving lots of room to move and spin on the dance floor.

Uber Plus Size Tunic- Dress
Fabric: 65% cotton 35%rayon

• Bust 64"
• Sleeve Width: 36"
• Length 36-38"
• Hip-Hem Circle Width 100"

Size Chart