Sunheart Lioness Jacket Top & Pants Set Boho Hippie Chic Resort Wear Sml-2X+

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Empower the natural shaman in you!  

Button Top-Jacket

• Bust 50"
• Hips 77"
• Length front 32"

Nothing Matches Tunic Top or Jacket Perfect to wear all year long, another stitching on the outside bohemian tunic top or wear as a jacket with a touch in a combination of fabrics and some burn-out velvet like texture. Our clothing is comfortable, sophisticated casual, the lifestyle of California wear. 

Design Details: scoop neck, button front three-quarter sleeves. Pieced nothing-matches fabrics for a stunning bold look. Assorted fabrics. 

**I just got my outfit and it's so lovely for my curvy plus figure! 

Palazzo Pants

•Waist 28" stretched 46"

• Upper Thigh 36"

•Hip 56"

•Length 39"


Animal print shaman palazzo pants paired with a matching lagenlook vest create a truly enchanting and empowering ensemble for plus-size gals. Here's why this outfit is all about fun, beauty, and benefits: 

1. Bold and Unique Style: Animal prints are known for their bold and fierce patterns, and when combined with a shaman-inspired design, they create a unique and eye-catching style. These palazzo pants and the matching lagenlook vest exude confidence and individuality, making a powerful fashion statement.

2. Flattering Silhouette: The wide-legged palazzo pants offer a flattering silhouette that complements plus-size figures beautifully. They drape elegantly, emphasizing your curves in all the right places while providing comfort and freedom of movement.

3. Playful and Fun: Animal prints are inherently playful and adventurous. When you wear this outfit, you're embracing a sense of fun and excitement in your fashion choices. The vibrant patterns can instantly uplift your mood and create a sense of joy.

4. Empowerment Through Style: This outfit embodies empowerment. The shaman-inspired elements add a touch of mysticism and spirituality to your look, reminding you of your inner strength and connection with nature.

5. Versatile and Layered: The lagenlook vest is not only stylish but also practical. It can be layered over various tops, allowing you to adapt your outfit to different occasions and weather conditions. Add a long-sleeved blouse for a cooler day or a tank top for a breezy summer evening.

6. Confidence Boost: Animal prints have a way of boosting confidence and making you feel fierce and in control. When you wear this outfit, you'll exude self-assuredness and charisma that will turn heads wherever you go.

7. Complementary Color Palette: The earthy and natural tones often found in animal prints work harmoniously with a wide range of skin tones, enhancing your natural beauty and radiance.

8. Effortless Elegance: Despite its boldness, this outfit offers effortless elegance. The combination of palazzo pants and a lagenlook vest creates a look that is both comfortable and chic, making it suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to special events.

Our animal print shaman palazzo pants and a matching lagenlook vest are all about embracing your unique style, celebrating your curves, and feeling empowered and confident. This ensemble is a tribute to individuality, and it beautifully combines fun, beauty, and benefits to create a fashion statement that is uniquely you.


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