Tangiers long-sleeve Magic Dress 2 Layers Moroccan Cotton Sml-4X Plus Custom Dye

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Dairi Fashions Tangiers long-sleeve 2 layer Dress

This is the Masterpiece of couture design-a cut-on-the-bias (what we did before spandex!) sleeveless Magic Moroccan Cotton Susti Dress. **A bias-cut dress will give more stretch and goes back to it's original form because of the tensile memory of the fabric


• Custom Dye Takes 8-24 weeks for delivery. No Cancelations-No Exceptions.

• Sunheart has no control over Custom Dye Special Orders.

• Care Instructions: Moroccan cotton will last 25-40+ years or more if taken care of properly. A steamer will keep Moroccan cotton in excellent like-new condition, otherwise we recommend dry-cleaning.

Get to Know the Process of Custom Dye Orders :
we receive custom dye orders from all over the world, but in order for a color to dye, we have to have enough "weight" of clothing to send to dye house. So some colors are "ready" meaning there is enough weight to send to vat, and the other colors we hold back until we have enough orderds or "weight" for dying. When the garments are dyed, they come back for fine finishing, and are seperated into orders and shipped.


Tangiers Magic Dress long-sleeve 2 Layers
Plus Size


Moroccan Cotton Dry Clean
65% cotton 35% rayon


• Bust 56-60"
• Arm Width 26"
• Hips 88"
• Length 49"-52"

Size Guide

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