Tienda ho Danielle Jacket Moroccan Cotton Boho Hippie Chic Sml-5x

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MOROCCAN Cotton Sousdi Collection  60% COTTON 40% RAYON - it breathes! 

 Danielle Jacket

• Bust 66"
• Hips 74"
• Length 33"

 Tienda ho Danielle Top or Jacket, Tienda ho Moroccan cotton and rayon Danielle plus size Jacket with trapunto top stitching. One size fits small-plus sizes. Moroccan cotton and rayon clothing is hand-woven and considered the cashmere of cotton!

Tienda ho classic Danielle Oversize Jacket.   This is another Tienda Ho classic, it's the short-sleeve version of the Sahara; you can wear over anything & belts beautifully! You'll want more than one & great gift idea. Take a look at the measurements- this visually reads like a slim tunic, but there is definitely wiggle room here. Classic lines and little touches of elegance- the pieced sleeve and trapunto top stitching around neckline.



Size Guide

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