Tienda ho Zohara Tank Dress Moroccan Cotton Sml-2x

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Tienda ho: Zohara Dress Moroccan Cotton Sousdie

Dry Clean


• Bust 50"
• Hips 86"
• Length 48"

Finally we have hand-woven Moroccan cotton dresses!! This is a lovely tank dress cut-on-the-bias with lots of swirl to it. Classicly simple, so it looks great on it's own or layered up. You summer staple! Wear with sling back sandals, dangly earrings and you are on your way looking great.

Our model is a medium so you can see how it drapes on female figure but will fit up to a 2X.

*Design details; penta-neckline, sleeveless dress with pockets.

Size Guide

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