Tienda ho Sumatra 2 Layer Tunic Top Moroccan Cotton Sml-2x+

Size Guide
Size Guide

65% COTTON 35% RAYON - it breathes!

• Bust 52"
• Hip 56"
• Length side 22" point 42"

Lagenlook Sumatra two asymmetrical layer Tunic. The SUMATRA TUNIC is made for all you Wild Women out there! It's our version of European Lagenlook; an ancient design for our contemporary age. When you want to stand out from the crowd and feel like a little attention, try our Sumatra tunic- it's a beautiful yet elegant cover-up with ethnic bohemian style. It has two full layers - front and back- and is warm for winter wear.

Design Details: scoop neck, with mid-way sleeves, and two full layers cut asymmetrically. With its pointy, asymmetrical hemline it drapes divinely! Called a Monsoon or handkerchief hem, it comes to two points constructed of two pieces of fabric that crisscross, with one point longer both in front AND in the back.

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